Friday, July 18, 2014

Phone Photography Project 2

Last year, I took Big Picture Classes' Phone Photography Project class--and loved it.  I was not going to take the 2nd class this year (though I was dying to) because they raised the price by $20 and I thought it was too much. But the day before the class started, I learned that those who were in the first class could get a $15 off coupon code. So I splurged (I did try to win a spot in various giveaways but to no avail). This was one of the best classes I ever took last year, so I really wanted to take it.

Day 1 was yesterday. They're doing it a little different this year. No picture a day with a different prompt and lesson, but instead three lessons a week plus various bonus challenges and videos. They also have already introduced ALL the apps in their own gallery, and one of the bonus features is that several of them have little videos showing you how to use them. Really nice. I already have a lot of the apps, but I knew there'd be others and I appreciate the more detailed instruction on the ones I have.

So the first lesson was on light. I went to Huntley Meadows yesterday because it was in the low 80s and the humidity was low, plus I needed the steps (am trying to get 10,000 steps a day on my Fitbit). I expected harsh shadows and all, but I actually got some great shots with excellent reflections in the water, including reflections of the sun behind clouds. The clouds had a glow around the edges where the sun was. It was beautiful. Here are the shots:

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Thanks to the Internet, the iPhone, and the thousand ways that information gets fed to me every day, there is no lack of inspiration to create art. Take today, for instance. I read this blurb in Instagram from Flow Magazine about a project they started to frame a picture you take and post it to #flowframeyourholiday on Instagram. I took a screenshot of the post for reference of the hashtag. Then I was at Michael's looking for the Project Life road trip cards (which I couldn't find, at two different Michael's) and they had some cute wood veneer frames on sale for half off. They were only $1 apiece to begin with and I couldn't decide between two of them so I bought those two for $1. 

Clearly, this is going to take some practice. It is bright outside today so I couldn't even see what I was taking hardly. The frame is blurry but within the frame is clear. I like the idea, though, and will keep trying for a picture that's a thumbs-up. 


Cuteness x3

This is a scrapbook page, right? Clean and simple scrapbooking?

I tried to post this page this morning using my mobile app BlogGo and got a whole lot of error messages. Tried logging out and rebooting so let's see how this goes. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A new blog

This new blog was created today (July 9, 2014) to house my creative endeavors--Project Life layouts and scrapbook pages mostly. Maybe having a place to share them will encourage me to create more often.